Entry #4

Let's change it up a notch.

2015-04-02 19:57:27 by NathanTheKid

Time to face facts. I SUCK!

I wanted to be a voice actor and that failed. Then I tried collaborating and it failed.

It's time to change. I've moved to an office in Wister Industries and I will be going solo for now.

My first toon is in the works and I have another idea for a series but I'll wait to see if I have followers then.

Finally, to destroy all my crap EVERYTHING will be deleted shortly after my first toon.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will look forward to my series.


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2015-04-02 21:05:56

Nah, you just think that you suck. Get rid of that mindset before you start working.

Good luck in your new series!